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The final chapter looks at the timeframes we use to plan and guide our experiences. If you have ever written a to do list for a particular day, you are probably like me and over-estimate what you can realistically expect to achieve.

Lazy Girls Guide: How To Lead a Productive Life When You're Lazy AF : Brie-Anne

Kelly points out that over-estimating how much we can do in a day happens frequently, but that we underestimate how much we can do in a decade. Think back to ten years ago.

Did you ever imagine that this is how your life would be? Kelly believes that we should think more strategically about life, as we do projects and programmes.

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Adding courage to leadership Overall, this book was not what I was expecting and unless you are prepared to seriously rethink your approach to life at a significant level, it will not help you find a better balance. What sort of slices are you preparing for your life?

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Looking for something? However, it was the content on the inside that blew me away! I could relate to everything she said on about this girl.

From PR (£30K) to bar blogger and consultant (£0)

The book outlined everything from self-care, to how to drill a hole properly to how to drink scotch like the boys. It instantly became my go-to handbook for a lot of things as a single girl.

Instead of writing for just that moment, Jane came back and revised the original version of the book to make the content relevant for the day. Check it out.

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JB : I think the hardest part was keeping the book under pages! There was SO much I wanted to add but there was a limit to what I could put in. I also really try to only include things that I really feel will be useful and belong in a book. In the 10 years since I did the first edition everyone has google on their phone info at the ready. So I wanted to make sure I included information or tips that you might not find on a regular internet search or things you would want to come back to.

When people are creating or thinking in a new way it really inspires me to think differently about how I think and about what I believe.

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So it makes me want to investigate and learn about it. No one can. So you have to forgive yourself and take some of that pressure off. At what point will you be satisfied?