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Reaming Guidance and trajectory corrections Walk-over systems Downhole systems or wireline steering systems Site organization Administrative authorizations Access, site installation Water Slurry transfers Work areas Different types of pipes or conduits Thermoplastic pipelines Polyethylene pipes Polyvinylchloride pipes Metal pipelines Steel pipes Pipes in ductile cast iron Chapter Summary of parameters affecting the execution of horizontal drilling Parameters related to the ground Parameters related to groundwater and soil permeability Parameters related to obstacles Parameters related to the nature of the pipeline to be installed Parameters related to the drive length Parameters related to the radius of curvature Parameters related to the characteristics of the drilling mud Parameters related to the characteristics of the drilling rig Parameters related to the regularity of the profile, the piloting and the guidance Parameters related to preliminary exploration Parameters related to the overall dimensions congestion of the site Parameters related to delays Parameters related to weather conditions Chapter Guidelines for Explorations General theory of explorations General objectives Stages of explorations Cost of explorations Data to be acquired Geological configuration of the site Hydrogeological conditions Geotechnical characteristics of the soils Pockets and artificial obstacles Environmental parameters Methodology and means of explorations Documentary survey Geophysical investigations Objectives Advantage of various methods General recommendations Drilling and in situ geotechnical tests Test drilling objectives Setting up investigations boreholes Test drilling methods Samples for laboratory tests In situ tests Contents of the geological-geotechnical dossier of a project Chapter Guidelines for the Choice of Drilling Rigs and Equipment Choice of drilling rigs according to their power Mini drilling rigs Medium drilling rigs Maxi drilling rigs Mega drilling rigs Choice of drilling rigs according to their technical characteristics Chassis Base Trailer Track mounted chassis Wheeled chassis Transmission of forces Chain driven Rack and pinion Hydraulic jacks Power limits Drilling rods Tools Wing cutters Spiral compactor bells Fluted reamers Rock reamers Barrel reamers Chapter Guidelines for a Project Design Basic principles of a pilot pattern Rack angle and exit angle First and last part of the drilling Radius of curvature Radius of curvature of the pilot hole Combined radii Roofing Relation between the diameters of the pipeline and the borehole Drilling plans Longitudinal profile Plan view Cross-sections Work site installation plans Catenary and launching ramp Design notes Calculation for the work stage Pulling forces at the level of the drilling head Tractive forces at the level of the drilling machine Calculation methods of pulling forces Calculation of the drilling machine dimensions Supports Stresses suffered by the tubes Protection against collapse Calculation of operations stage Work planning Drilling fluids Selection criteria Products used Recycling and processing Implementation at the site Sludge treatment: technical and regulatory aspects General considerations Drilling wastes eliminations solutions Development prospects Chapter Guidelines for the Management of the Site Guidelines on lubrication, drilling fluids Polluted sites, environment, slurry Kuz'mina L.

Matematicheskaya model' dvizheniya chastits v fil'tre. Voprosy prikladnoy matematiki i vychislitel'noy mekhaniki: sbornik nauchnykh trudov.

French Society for Trenchless Technology (FSTT) (Author of Microtunneling and Horizontal Drilling)

Problems of applied mathematics and computational mechanics. Collection of scientific papers. Exact solutions to nonlinear equations of suspension flow through a porous medium. Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta.

Microtunneling and Horizontal Drilling: Recommendations / Edition 1

Matematika, mekhanika. Exact solutions to the problem of deep-bed filtration with retardation of a jump in concentration within the framework of the nonlinear two-velocity model. Izvestiya RAN.

Mekhanika zhidkosti i gaza. Shornikov I.

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Jacking forces prediction for tunnel lining in microtunnelling: boundary values estimation. Terzaghi K. Theoretical soil mechanics. Johnson K.

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    Microtunneling and horizontal drilling : French national project "microtunnels" recommendations

    Journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Microtunneling and Horizontal Drilling: Recommendations. Based on a recent national multi-year project, this book offers comprehensive guidelines, techniques and theories in the areas of both microtunneling and horizontal drilling, and is aimed at improving the rate of success for trenchless projects worldwide.

    Part I: Microtunneling. Chapter 4: Guidelines for Investigations.


    Chapter 5: Guidelines for the Choice of Machines and Attachments. Chapter 7: Guidelines for the Site Supervision.