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For example, you might give some administrators the ability to issue and manage certificates by assigning the permissions required for that task to one role, and allow other administrators to manage CA permissions by assigning permissions required for that task to a different role. Other administrators, in a third role, might be able to manage the auditing and security log.

This separation of authority makes it more difficult for any one person to breach security. If you enable the role separation feature that is available on Enterprise and Datacenter editions this is done by editing the registry , each user can only be assigned to one CA role. By default, users can be assigned to multiple roles. Role-based administration works with both standalone and enterprise CAs.

How to install Windows Server 2012 R2 Domain Controller (Step By Step guide)

By default, on a standalone CA the local administrator account is assigned to the CA Administrator role. The three CA roles designated by Microsoft are:.


Windows certificate services supported autoenrollment for computer certificates and EFS certificates, but not for user certificates. Autoenrollment allows for certificates to be issued automatically for purposes specified by the administrator. In Windows Server , this convenience has been extended to user certificates. The administrator has more control than with manual enrollment, and the process is easier and more transparent for the user.

Microsoft Windows Server Del Ta Guide

Autoenrollment options are set on the certificate template for the type of certificate that will be issued via autoenrollment. No interaction - or even awareness of the process - is required on the part of the user this is called "silent" autoenrollment. You can also set the certificate template to prompt the user during the enrollment process for instance, to enter a PIN for smart card certificates. The Autoenroll permission, along with Read and Enroll permissions, must be assigned to subjects before they can use this feature to autoenroll.

Administrators add the users or groups they want to have these permissions in configuring the Security tab of the certificate template's Properties sheet. It is a list of any certificates that have been revoked, which is published frequently by a CA so that all entities in the PKI that depend on the validity of the certificates issued by that CA will have up to date information as to certificates that are no longer valid. This list is replicated throughout the PKI.

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In a large PKI, the CRL can be a fairly large file and publishing a new version of it on a frequent basis can use a lot of network bandwidth during the replication process and put a load on the clients that have to download it. Windows Server introduced the concept of "delta" CRLs.

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Special Edition Using Microsoft. Ladda ned. Spara som favorit. Why should new versions of mission-critical technologies mean starting from scratch? If you already know how to use Microsoft Windows Server or NT, leverage those skills to quickly become an expert on Microsoft Windows Server Microsoft Windows Server Delta Guide skips the basics and moves straight to whats new and what has changed.